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Foulees de Parcay

It's Bastille day in France so a national bank holiday means an opportunity to race on a Friday morning. Parcay sur Vienne is a little commune about 45 minutes drive into the Loire, on the banks of the Vienne. There were 12 and 18km 'course nature' (trail) a 5km and a 1km kids race.

The 5km was up first and Liz was keen to do it - mainly on road and as flat as they come - just how she likes it! By the look in her eyes I could tell she still had the result from Chambon in her mind and after seeing the small take up I wasn't surprised to see her finish as 2nd Lady.

The 12 and 18km started together, I opted for the more popular 12km, an easy step up in distance from 2 weeks ago but I knew it was going to be a much faster course than the last. It was a nice course, sections of tarmac, gravel and grass plenty of space for everyone and good scenery using the riverside paths at times. Before I knew it I was heading around the football pitch to the finish. A solid run - still 6.5 minutes off the winner but it was comfortable (ish) Content with 17th of 303

The fact it was a national holiday just added to the party atmosphere, there was lots of pre lunch drinking and then the awards ceremony started. Easily over 100 trophies to give out as well as toys and sweets for all the children. The 2 races cost us €15 we each received a tech t shirt and cake on finishing, everyone who finished the 12 and 18 took away a magnum of red wine (and it was good too!) plus Liz's podium gave her a trophy, large vegetable steamer and a hanging basket of flowers - not bad for a mornings work. I'm sure the party lasted long after we left with our stash.

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