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Podium for Liz at Foulees de Chambon

It's been 3 months since we moved here and this weekend was the first when we've felt ready to race, so Lara was dropped off at a swim meet and we met up with our friend Steve at Chambon, a small village just 5 minutes from Les Vigeants. Most events out here seem to have multiple races on the day and this was no exception with 2 kids races, a 7km cani-cross, 7km and 14km (all followed by a grand presentation and meal) - we both took the easy option of the 7km. Me, because I had hardly run that distance without breaks for around 8 weeks due to injury and Liz hadn't raced on trails since 2014 (dodgy ankles....) Needless to say, we were not expecting much. One thing we have been pleasantly surprised about out here is the value of races. 7E paid for the entry an on registering we were handed a drawstring goody bag filled with food samples.


The race's unique factor is in its start, the Rue du Terrier Blanc. 1km of tarmac slope and as a nod to the cycling community 'climbers' t-shirts were to be awarded to the first male and female up to the checkpoint.

From then on it was a fairly standard multi-surface affair through woods, lanes, fields and a small chateau before ending back in front of the town hall.

My race was pretty uneventful finishing undamaged in a respectable 8th. Fortunately Liz managed not to fall over too and almost as surprising was the announcement of troisieme femme as she hit the finishing funnel. A little later, fellow brit Steve finished off his 14km and picked up a big shiny trophy for 2nd in age group.

Not a bad way to introduce ourselves to the neighbourhood!

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