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Au Nom de la Louere

Another trail run for Gary, an evening run about half an hour to the north of here.

On offer this evening was the Dalton (10km) Billy the Kid (18km) and Trail Court (26km) all in aid of charity and he played it safe again with the 10km. Needless to say, as per the norm, the locals make a huge party of these things, music , stalls and food all with a cowboy theme this time

The race itself, at least the 10km, was fairly technical in places with lots of single file running winding through trees, water and sharp changes in elevation made all the more fun by the sudden downpour 10 minutes before start but is probably best summed up by the Strava title : 'Twisty trail with trees, mud, beer, cactus, river crossing and a cowboy theme!' 8th of 133 runners and 2nd in age group by 1 second was a good showing expecially as we got to walk away with some free local beer!

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