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The bulk of our swim training takes place in the open water. There are various suitable lakes and rivers to use nearby. You can choose a tranquil location or more commercial and lively and most have family friendly areas with cafes too and signed walk/run routes. if you feel like getting an extra bike ride in, we can taxi your gear and a picnic lunch there for you. We can also provide a safety boat if necessary or accompany you in the water..

Our 10m pool is great for relaxing and cooling down those muscles after a hard workout in the heat. Whilst it may not be  ideal for a full training set, it's good for refining technique and as it's private, we are able to film you in action so that you can sit down and analyse your stroke for yourself.

If you need access to a 25m lane there are a few public and private pools in the area which can be used most days.

For anyone interested in learning efficient swimming we have access to an English 'Ocean Walker Technique' coach and lessons can be arranged during your stay here. Contact us for more details.


Do as much, or as little, as you like


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