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We at Les Vigeants love to go to races too. With that in mind we have proposed a series of 'A' races in the region where we'll organise your stay aiming to give you the best race experience. We'll take care of all the details you want us to - assistance with entries, nutrition, transport, supporters, course evaluation and in certain cases, additional overnight accommodation.

All of the main events will be listed on the calendar well in advance but some of the other events might only appear on our Facebook page and some will be very last minute (with some great deals), so head there and follow us for the most up to date news.

As well as those big events we also have many  local running races, sociial MTB rides, walks and triathlons that could either be done as part of a larger training plan or simply for the fun and experience as part of a standard stay. Most can be entered on the day for a few Euros and just require a simple medical certificate for participation.


Do as much, or as little, as you like


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