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We are in rural France, do we really need to say much more?

  Apart from the odd country lane the roads are well maintained, well signposted and best of all, hardly used most of the day. There are very few drains and pot holes to dodge, fewer still traffic lights and primarily very courteous road users (especially towards cyclists.) This makes it an equally great place for building confidence, for  enjoying the scenery and for athletes needing to put in some serious hours in TT position. While we can't give you mountains, there's enough of 'flat' and 'bumpy' to keep most people satisfied.

There's plenty of off-road too...

For everyday cycling you can choose to go alone or be guided. We have a selection of routes ready to go, can produce routes to match your requirements or we will happily sit down with you in the evenings and assist with planning your rides.

Fancy riding stage 4 of  the 2016 Tour de France? We can drop you in Saumur and collect you in Limoges later that day. Come to us with an idea for a ride in the region and we'll help you make it happen.

For those days that the weather isn't playing ball (it does happen occasionally) and you have a training plan to stick to, we have a turbo trainer and a Bkool simulator for use in the studio./ workshop.

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Plus, keep an eye on social media for news of when the Tour de France Passes through the area.