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"We understand how life is, managing a work/life balance and how important holidays can be.
Each detail and moment counts,
family time, relaxation time and, of course, training time."

  Life in the UK was all pretty normal for us – I was an Accountant, Gary was an Illustrator and our daughter was happily bumbling along at the local school until one day  we decided a new challenge was needed. After a little thought and a glass of wine we decided moving to the Loire Valley in France and setting up a base for training holidays was the winner for us.

  We had heard many stories of people spending years trying to find the right property for them however, for us; it was love at first visit! Les Vigeants was a place we could call home and was in such a great location we knew people would want to enjoy their training holidays there too. Everything just fell into place from then on and here we are!

   I've always been into outdoor pursuits, as a young teen I was a keen kayaker with a preference for fast moving rapids and adrenaline whereas my husband loved playing football. However, these were not sports we could do together and in the end we took up running. Running enriched our lives in so many way; the life long friends we have met, racing through wind, rain and snow and finishing our first marathon together. This then led to duathlon and then triathlon (after we learnt how not to drown!). We are by no means close to being professional athletes or even coaches, we just love training, competing and encouraging others to join in.

Running together
Cots Finish
Medal Haul
Group Run
Running race
Do as much, or as little, as you like


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